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Every house has a story to tell.
Tell us the story of your home – future generations will thank you!

Whether or not you think your home is interesting — Shelter Island Historical Society does. And so does the Hay Beach Property Owners Association. During our research for Then & Now, we struggled to find information about our earliest homes and residents — we probably missed a few.
Back in the early 1900, Ralph Duval photographed almost all of the homes on Shelter Island. Other people have given information about their homes to be kept in SIHS archives. When researchers come to gather information about families, homes, or changes in our community they depend on the Shelter Island Historical Society's archives. Future generations, future home owners, would love to know something about your home. Please take the time to complete the form below and return it to SIHS with a $5 processing fee. Please don’t forget to share information about previous owners, renovations, interesting guests, or stories that help make your house be a home. We’re only asking for one picture — but we sure would like more!
For more information contact: Shelter Island Historical Society749-0025
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