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Fred Buonocore

Welcome to Hay Beach

In her recollections, “A Goodly Heritage,” Dorothy Payne Fountain wrote: I am glad that the Town Fathers of Shelter Island have kept a public access to Hay Beach so that we and our children’s children can continue to lie on the sand and listen to the sea gulls, and sit on the rocks and wait for the tide ... and remember!

The Arts within Hay Beach

We have many talented Photographers, Painters, Writers and Sculptors living here in Hay Beach

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Calendar of Events for 2019

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In The Beginning

During the Revolution, the British thought this sandy spit of beach at the north end of our Island was an ideal place to ease in a barge and load it up with hay for their horses, stabled in Newport, RI. So they ordered our beleaguered farmers to stack their hay at this point, and the area became known locally as Hay Beach. The name stuck, and about 190 years later, Hay Beach became the largest subdivision ever to be filed with the Planning Board. (Linda Holmes, Hay Beach Property Owners Association Newsletter, October 25, 1989)

Past Presidents at "Then & Now" in June 2014